Nothing Beats Reality

This is my first “official” blog. I’ve recently been very inspired by what others are sharing about what they are feeling and thinking. Realizing I have thousands of poems and essays sitting in my computer that have never been shared, I decided to start posting. I can only hope that people out there will enjoy and relate.

I’ve called my blog Nothing Beats Reality, because I just saw the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man”. It’s about a man called Rodriguez who got signed to a record label back in the 1960’s. He recorded an album that was so good it was expected to be a huge hit. To everyone’s astonishment , it flopped. Somehow though, it ended up in South Africa where it sold millions of copies. The guy became an icon but nobody knew anything about him. Extraordinary. Anyway, I don’t want to give it away, (It’s really worth watching!) but sufice to say, that during an interview when Rodriguez was asked if it bothers him that he didn’t get recognition, he says “Nothing Beats Reality”. I was touched by his humility and connection to life.

That said, I aspire to believe that reality requires no idealism, for it is already ideal.

My poems, may speak differently ;P